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"Warm" under "cold winter"





"Warm" under "cold winter"

Since 2019, all walks of life have been experiencing an unprecedented "cold winter". The new crown epidemic is raging, the price of raw materials has risen wildly, and the competition in the industry has become increasingly cruel... Some companies have closed down, some have laid off employees, and some companies have cut wages... Australia Xingxing has also experienced unprecedented tests. In 2021, austar experienced a major change in its internal governance structure. In 2022, it encountered a comeback of the new crown epidemic. The new leadership of austar, headed by Managing Director Li Xudong, was under such severe circumstances. Hold the steering wheel firmly and carry your weight.

austar knows that employees are the greatest wealth of an enterprise. Under such a severe situation, it still conducts a general salary survey in March 2022. For employees who meet the general survey conditions, the market salary is used as the benchmark and the 2021 year-end assessment is based on the assessment. , adjust the salary by 10% for A-level, 7% for B-level, and 5% for C-level, and increase the growth rate for employees with outstanding contributions and key positions. It seems commendable, and it truly fulfills the promise of "letting employees share the company's development results".

In 2022, the company will further highlight the performance culture, seek benefits from management, and take the contribution to the enterprise and professional ability as the main criteria for measuring talents, and launch a series of measures that are in line with modern enterprise management concepts and give full play to the potential of employees, such as optimizing the sales department. Incentive mechanism, update the company's performance management system and front-line employee evaluation system, improve the rank and rank framework, provide more professional and vocational skills training, and attract more talents to join the company.

Big waves wash the sand, the fittest survives, the market competition is cruel, and the market environment is turbulent. If you want to survive and develop in the fierce market competition, you must have a heart to think in one place, work hard in one place, and have the same goal. of high-performing teams. We believe that, motivated by the spirit of "working together to create greater glories", austar's employees are such a team, the ace teacher who can come upon call, be able to fight, and be able to win in battle. Standing out in the market competition, making great achievements and ushering in the second "spring" in the development history of austar!

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